Nashville Union Order of Battle - Army of The Cumberland - Detachment, Army of The Tennessee

Detachment, Army of The Tennessee

MG Andrew J. Smith

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

BG John McArthur

1st Brigade

Col William L. McMillen

  • 114th Illinois: Cpt John M. Johnson
  • 93rd Indiana: Col DeWitt C. Thomas, Cpt Charles A. Hubbard
  • 10th Minnesota: Ltc Samuel P. Jennison (w), Cpt Edwin C. Sanders
  • 72nd Ohio: Ltc Charles G. Eaton
  • 95th Ohio: Ltc Jefferson Brumback
  • Cogswell's Battery, Illinois Light Artillery: Lt S. Hamilton McClaury
2nd Brigade

Col Lucius F. Hubbard

  • 5th Minnesota: Ltc William B. Gere
  • 9th Minnesota: Col Josiah F. Marsh
  • 11th Missouri: Ltc Eli Bowyer (w), Maj Modesta J. Green
  • 8th Wisconsin: Ltc William B. Britton
  • 2nd Battery, Iowa Light Artillery: Cpt Joseph R. Reed
3rd Brigade

Col Sylvester G. Hill (k)
Col William R. Marshall

  • 12th Iowa: Ltc John H. Stibbs
  • 35th Iowa: Maj William Dill, Cpt Abraham N. Snyder
  • 7th Minnesota: Col William R. Marshall, Ltc George Bradley
  • 33rd Missouri: Ltc William H. Heath
  • Battery I, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery: Cpt Stephen H. Julian

Second Division

BG Kenner Garrard

1st Brigade

Col David Moore

  • 119th Illinois: Col Thomas J. Kinney
  • 122nd Illinois: Ltc James F. Drish
  • 89th Indiana: Ltc Hervey Craven
  • 21st Missouri: Ltc Edwin Moore
  • 9th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Lt Samuel G. Calfee
2nd Brigade

Col James I. Gilbert

  • 58th Illinois: Maj Robert W. Healy
  • 27th Iowa: Ltc Jed Lake
  • 32nd Iowa: Ltc Gustavus A. Eberhart
  • 10th Kansas (four companies): Cpt William C. Jones
  • 3rd Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Lt Thomas J. Ginn
3rd Brigade

Col Edward H. Wolfe

  • 49th Illinois: Col Phineas Pease
  • 117th Illinois: Ltc Jonathan Merriam
  • 52nd Indiana: Ltc Zalmon S. Main
  • 178th New York: Cpt John B. Gandolfo
  • Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery: Cpt John W. Lowell

Third Division

Col Jonathan B. Moore

1st Brigade

Col Lyman M. Ward

  • 72nd Illinois: Cpt James A. Sexton
  • 40th Missouri: Col Samuel A. Holmes
  • 14th Wisconsin: Maj Eddy F. Ferris
  • 33rd Wisconsin: Ltc Frederick S. Lovell
2nd Brigade

Col Leander Blanden

  • 81st Illinois: Ltc Andrew W. Rogers
  • 95th Illinois: Ltc William Avery
  • 44th Missouri: Ltc Andrew J. Barr
  • 14th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Francis W. Morse
  • Battery A, 2nd Missouri Light: Lt John Zepp

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