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Biology And Sexual Orientation - Empirical Studies - Twin Studies
... A number of twin studies have attempted to compare the relative importance of genetics and environment in the causation of sexual orientation ... In a 1991 study, Bailey and Pillard found that 52% of monozygotic (MZ) brothers and 22% of the dizygotic (DZ) twins were concordant for homosexuality ... MZ' indicates identical twins with the same sets of genes and 'DZ' indicates fraternal twins where genes are mixed to a similar extent as non-twin ...
Heritability Of Autism - Twin Studies
... Twin studies are a helpful tool in determining the heritability of disorders and human traits in general ... concordance of characteristics between identical (monozygotic or MZ) twins and between fraternal (dizygotic or DZ) twins ... Possible problems of twin studies are (1) errors in diagnosis of monozygocity, and (2) the assumption that social environment sharing by DZ twins is equivalent to that of MZ twins ...

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    What strikes many twin researchers now is not how much identical twins are alike, but rather how different they are, given the same genetic makeup....Multiples don’t walk around in lockstep, talking in unison, thinking identical thoughts. The bond for normal twins, whether they are identical or fraternal, is based on how they, as individuals who are keenly aware of the differences between them, learn to relate to one another.
    Pamela Patrick Novotny (20th century)