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Chrysiridia Rhipheus - Distribution and Habitat
... Thousands of adult moths seasonally migrate between geographically isolated populations of their host plant Omphalea spp ... oppositifolia is probably crucial for the moth's survival ... The Jamaican moth Urania sloanus, from the same subfamily (Uraniinae), most likely became extinct after the loss of one of its host plant species ...
List Of Animals Of The Rocky Mountains - Fauna - Invertebrates
... stated, "We do not know how many species of moths and butterflies live in any state, county, or locality in North America" ... United States, information is available on the species richness of moths and butterflies ... Range of Colorado in particular support high species richness of butterflies and moths ...
Almonia - Classification
... The Crambidae are the grass moth family of (butterflies and moths) ... variable in appearance, the nominal subfamily Crambinae (grass moths) taking up closely folded postures on grass-stems where they are inconspicuous, while other subfamilies include brightly ...
List Of Moths Of India (Sesiidae)
... This article is a list of the moths of Family Psychidae which are found in India ... as an index to the species articles and forms part of the full List of moths of India ...
List Of Ultraman Taro Monsters - Space Moths
... Space Moths were creatures that were imprisoned within the same meteor as Mururoa and accompanied the space kaiju ... However, as they rampaged, the sun rose, attracting the Space Moths away from Mururoa ... But after Mururoa covered the world in darkness, the Space Moths returned to attack, soon being attacked themselves by ZAT ...

Famous quotes containing the word moths:

    Has no one said those daring
    Kind eyes should be more learn’d?
    Or warned you how despairing
    The moths are when they are burned?
    I could have warned you; but you are young,
    So we speak a different tongue.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    So each man, like each plant, has his parasites. A strong, astringent, bilious nature has more truculent enemies than the slugs and moths that fret my leaves. Such a one has curculios, borers, knife-worms; a swindler ate him first, then a client, then a quack, then smooth, plausible gentlemen, bitter and selfish as Moloch.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It was reported their singing resembled
    the flight of moths in moonlight.
    Who can say? It is silent now.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)