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Detective School Q - Characters - Pluto
... Dan's Detective School was one of the few groups that can do so, and stopping Pluto's diabolical schemes ... He is Ryu Amakusa's grandfather and was also Morihiko Dan's childhood friend ... Dan tried to convince Hoshihiko that he was committing a crime Hoshihiko just replied that he and Dan couldn't be friends anymore because they aim for different goals, and he left the school since then ...
Detective School Q - Characters - DDS - Faculty and Staff
... Morihiko Dan (団 守彦, Dan Morihiko?) Voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka (anime), Takanori Jinnai (live-action) Born in 1936, Morihiko Dan is the founder and ... Morihiko Dan was a former police officer who resigned to open up a private detective company of his own, Dan Detective Company (DDC), the parent ... Satorou Renjo, Dan's most prominent apprentice and heir-apparent was killed, and Mr ...

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