Mobile Phones On Aircraft

As of 2012, most airlines do not allow the use of mobile phones on aircraft. Those that do often ban the use of mobile phones during take-off and landing.

In the United States, the use of mobile phones and similar devices on airborne aircraft has been banned by the Federal Communications Commission.

Reports exist which assert correlations between the use of mobile phones (and other passenger electronic devices) in flight and various problems with avionics. One study concluded that mobile phones used in the cabin could exceed the aircraft manufacturer's rated allowable emission levels for some avionics. On the other hand, causal relationships between device use and these failures have not been established statistically. All reported incidents to date have been difficult to reproduce in tests.

In the time since the regulations were originally imposed by various international agencies, equipment such as pico-cells has been developed with the intent of allowing safe in-flight use of mobile phones. Some airline companies have now added such equipment to their aircraft. More are expected to do so in the coming years.

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... airlines have announced plans to allow mobile phones to be used on aircraft pending approval by the FCC and the FAA ... The aircraft will contain a device known as a picocell the picocell will act as a miniature mobile telephone tower communicating with mobile phones within the aircraft ... with either the cellular system or the aircraft's avionics much like the on–board phone systems already aboard many commercial aircraft ...

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