Mir Damad

Mir Damad (Persian: ميرداماد‎) (d. 1631 or 1632), known also as Mir Mohammad Baqer Esterabadi, or Asterabadi, was an Iranian philosopher in the Neoplatonizing Islamic Peripatetic traditions of Avicenna and Suhrawardi, a scholar of the traditional Islamic sciences, and foremost figure (together with his student Mulla Sadra), of the cultural renaissance of Iran undertaken under the Safavid dynasty. As such he was the central founder of the School of Isfahan, noted by his students and admirers as the Third Teacher (mu'alim al-thalith) after Aristotle and al-Farabi.

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... See also School of Isfahan, Mulla Sadra, Mir Damad, Mir Fendereski, Shaykh Bahai, and Mohsen Fayz Kashani Islamic philosophy flourished in the Safavid era in what scholars commonly ... Mir Damad is considered the founder of this school ... Among luminaries of this school of philosophy, the names of Iranian philosophers such as Mir Damad, Mir Fendereski, Shaykh Bahai and Mohsen Fayz Kashani standout ...