Minute Intervals

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Metro Ride
8 routes in the City of Wausau which run at 30 minute intervals, including a route to Rothschild and Schofield which runs at 60 minute intervals ... a route in Weston which runs at 30 minute intervals, and provides transfer at Shopko in Rothschild ... These replace the 60-minute route and connect at the Rothschild Shopko ...
Rapid Transit In Romania - Hours of Operation
... At rush hour, trains run at 6-7 minute intervals on lines 1, 3 and 4, and at 3-5 minute intervals on line 2 ... During the rest of the day, they run at 8 minute intervals on lines 1 and 3, 9 minute intervals on line 2 and 10 minute intervals on line 4 ...
Mannheim Central Station - Operational Usage - Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn
... Line Route Frequency S 1 Homburg (Saar)–Osterburken 60 minute intervals S 2 Kaiserslautern–Eberbach (–Mosbach Baden) 60 minute intervals S 3 Germersheim–Karlsruhe 60 minute intervals S 4 Germersheim ...
OC Transpo Route 96 - Miscellaneous - Destination Signs - Westbound
... day of the week, including Sundays, usually at 30 minute intervals (60 minute intervals Saturday and Sunday evenings). 96C STITTSVILLE MAIN VIA CASTLEFRANK These trips operate during PM peak at approximately 15 minute intervals, and bypass Terry Fox Station by turning from Katimavik Road ...

Famous quotes containing the words intervals and/or minute:

    Unless the people can choose their leaders and rulers, and can revoke their choice at intervals long enough to test their measures by results, the government will be a tyranny exercised in the interests of whatever classes or castes or mobs or cliques have this choice.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    Every day, in this mostly male world, you have to figure out, “Do I get this by charming somebody? By being strong? Or by totally allowing my aggression out?” You’ve got to risk failure. The minute you want to keep power—you’ve become subservient, somebody who does work you don’t believe in.
    Paula Weinstein (b. 1945)