Minimally Invasive Hip Resurfacing

Minimally invasive hip resurfacing (MIS) is total or partial hip surgery that can be carried out through an incision of less than 10 cm without imparting great forces on the anatomy or compromising component positioning"

The modified posterior MIS approach to hip resurfacing and total hip arthroplasty (hip replacement) displays a host of advantages to the patient:

  1. Less post-operative pain
  2. Less soft tissue damage and pressure on muscle fibres.
  3. Shorter hospital stay
  4. Lower blood loss
  5. Smaller incision
  6. Quicker return to work and functional activities

The process of shortening the operative field (mini-incision) for hip resurfacing from the conventional open approach (15–30 cm), to a mini-incision approach (7–15 cm) has been well documented in the realm of hip surgery. It has been suggested by some surgeons, however, that in doing this one runs the risk of implanting the components incorrectly, especially the acetabular component. It has also noted that during femoral head reaming (drilling of the femoral head) with the surgical site being so small, the conventional instruments can damage the soft tissues.

Having accepted this, the essential criterion for minimally invasive hip resurfacing are:

  1. An implant designed for MIS delivery
  2. MIS instruments for tissue protection
  3. Specialised instrumentation for femoral neck targeting, acetabular reaming, acetabular impaction and retractors that are soft tissue friendly

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