Minimally Invasive Hip Resurfacing - Conventional Hip Resurfacing Today

Conventional Hip Resurfacing Today

Conventional hip resurfacing techniques were created as an alternative to total hip replacement, whereby only the diseased cartilage and a small surrounding area of the femur are removed, to be replaced with new surfaces. Although hip resurfacing has been around for some 40 years, the contemporary metal on metal bearing hip resurfacing has only increased in popularity amongst surgeons and patients in the past decade. Hip resurfacing has been welcomed by a number of surgeons globally, but others have met the technique with a certain degree of hesitation due to a number of potential disadvantages:

Hip Resurfacing Total Hip Replacement
+ Bone preserving + Long term results positive
+ Beneficial to younger, more active patients + Less restrictions on patient suitability
+ Better prospects for future revision + Comparatively better range of motion
+ Best replicates pre-existing anatomy - Complicated revision process
- Larger incision, and higher risk of fracture - Life expectancy of ≥ 30 years post operatively will require revision

Incisions for hip resurfacing (posterior approach) have been well documented to stretch in excess of 20 cm in length. Hip resurfacing has been described as a more complicated procedure in comparison to hip replacement, and the operative technique described by Derek McMinn FRCS Ed, for posterior hip resurfacing shows operative incision similar to the ones mentioned earlier.

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