• (adj): Possible to be measured.
    Example: "Measurable depths"
    Synonyms: mensurable
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Some articles on measurable:

Schröder–Bernstein Theorem For Measurable Spaces - The Theorem - Proof
... Second, is measurable, since it coincides with on a measurable set and with on its complement ... Similarly, is measurable ...
Regular Measure
... measure on a topological space is a measure for which every measurable set can be approximated from above by an open measurable set and from below by a compact measurable set ...
Markov Kernel - Formal Definition
... Let, be measurable spaces ... is a map that associates to each point a probability measure on such that, for every measurable set, the map is measurable with respect to the -algebra ... the set of all probability measures on the measurable space ...

More definitions of "measurable":

  • (adj): Of distinguished importance.
    Example: "A measurable figure in literature"