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List Of Spider-Man Enemies - Single Villains - Lesser Foes
... Basilisk Marvel Team-Up vol ... Basilisk comes into conflict with Captain Marvel (who is seeking the Stones), Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, and finally the Mole Man in his underground lair ... Janice Foswell The Amazing Spider-Man #10 (March 1964) Marvel Team-Up #39 (November 1975) Frederick Foswell was a small and timid reporter working for the Daily ...
List Of Spider-Man Titles - Previous Series - Mainstream Continuity
... Marvel Team-Up #1-150 (March 1972 – February 1985) ... Spider-Man Team-Up #1-7 (December 1995 – June 1997) ... Marvel Team-Up vol ...
Mockingbird (Marvel Comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Huntress To Mockingbird
... Published in the one-shot black-and-white magazine Marvel Super Action #1 (Jan ... In a text piece in Marvel Super Action #1 editor Archie Goodwin explained how Morse came to be used for this story “ I suggested the title and the notion of using S.H.I ... Marvel Super Action was originally designed as a bi-monthly publication, but the economic recession of the mid-1970s forced Marvel to scale back their plans and the magazine was published as ...
Essential Marvel - Table of Essential Volumes
... The Avengers #120-140 Giant-Size Avengers #1-4 Captain Marvel #33 The Fantastic Four #150 576 0-7851-3058-1 2008-02-20 7 1975–1977 The Avengers #141-163, Annual #6 Super-Villain Team-Up #9 480 0 ... Avengers #53 640 0-7851-2116-1 2006-05-17 3 1969–1975 X-Men #54-66, #67-93 (covers only) Marvel Team-Up #4 Amazing Adventures #11-17 Incredible Hulk #150, #161 The Amazing Spider-Man #92 560 ... Marvel 1 1977–1979 Ms ...
Marvel Team-Up
... Marvel Team-Up is the name of several American comic book series published by Marvel Comics ... The series featured two or more Marvel characters in one story. 1985, featuring Spider-Man as the lead "team-up" character in all but nine of its 150 issues of the remainder Human Torch and Hulk starred in six and three issues, respectively ...

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    They’re two good old friends of mine. I call them Constitution and The Bill of Rights. A most dependable team for long journeys. Then I’ve got another one called Missouri Compromise. And a Supreme Court—a fine, dignified horse, though you have to push him on every now and then.
    Dan Totheroh (1895–1976)

    I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word, for thou art not so long by the head as honorificabilitudinitatibus.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)