Marija is an Eastern European variation of the name Mary or Maria. Depending on phonological rules concerning consecutive vowels or the use of the palatal approximant, “Mary” in these languages is Marija if consecutive vowels are disallowed and otherwise Maria. Name Marija is among the ten the most popular female names in Croatia. The male equivalents are Marijan, Marijo, Mario.

The name may refer to:

  • Marija Bankauskaitė, Lithuanian ceramics artist
  • Marija Bursać, Bosnian Serb Yugoslav resistance fighter
  • Marija Ćirović, Montenegrin model
  • Marija Dūdienė, Lithuanian painter
  • Marija Gimbutas, Lithuanian-American archaeologist
  • Marija Gluvakov, Serbian pianist
  • Marija Jovanović, Montenegrin handball player
  • Marija Jurić Zagorka, Croatian writer
  • Marija Karan, Serbian actress
  • Marija Kessler, Slovenian salonist
  • Marija Lastauskienė, Lithuanian writer
  • Marija Leiko, Latvian actress
  • Marija Lucija Stupica, Slovenian writer
  • Marija Lugarić, Croatian politician
  • Marija Makarovič, Slovene ethnologist
  • Marija Mačiulienė, Lithuanian painter
  • Marija Mirković, Serbian-Australian tennis player
  • Marija Naumova, Latvian singer
  • Marija Nikolova, Macedonian singer
  • Marija Mitrović, Serbian singer
  • Marija Obrenović, Moldavian and Romanian aristocrat
  • Marija Omaljev-Grbić, Croatian actress
  • Marija Pečkauskaitė, Lithuanian writer
  • Marija Petković, Croatian nun
  • Marija Šerifović, Serbian singer
  • Marija Šestak, Slovenian triple jumper
  • Marija Šestić, Bosnian Serb singer
  • Marija Škaričić, Croatian actress
  • Marija Trmčić, Serbian skier
  • Marija Ugrica, Serbian singer
  • Marija Ujević-Galetović, Croatian sculptor
  • Marija Vojskovič, Slovene writer
  • Marija Vujović, Montenegrin model
  • Marija Vukčević, Montenegrin football player
  • Princess Marija of Yugoslavia, the only child of Prince Nikolas of Yugoslavia and Ljiljana Licanin

Marija may also refer to:

  • USS Marija (SP-413), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1922

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