Management Consulting Group

Management Consulting Group

Management Consulting Group, PLC is a consulting company listed on the London Stock Exchange under the name MMC.

It comprises two independently managed practices:

  • Alexander Proudfoot formerly known as Proudfoot Consulting (name change 2009)
  • Kurt Salmon formed from the merger of Ineum Consulting (acquired 2006) and Kurt Salmon Associates acquired 2007)

The company was originally named Alexander Proudfoot PLC, after its founder. In 1993 it shortened its name to Proudfoot PLC. In January, 2001 it changed its name to the current name of Management Consulting Group, PLC.

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Management Consulting Group - History
... Fascinated by the challenges of consulting but disenchanted by the way they operated, Proudfoot decided to create a new form of consulting service ... The consulting approach he formulated for his company was particularly influenced by the philosophy of Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato ... This philosophical approach governed both consulting engagements and internal management ...

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