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SMS Grosser Kurfürst (1913) - Service History - Battle of Jutland
... sought to draw out and isolate a portion of the Grand Fleet and destroy it before the main British fleet could retaliate ... battlecruisers were steaming south to draw the British ships toward the main body of the High Seas Fleet ... Simultaneously, her secondary guns fired on British destroyers attempting to make torpedo attacks against the German fleet ...
South Dakota Class Battleship (1920) - Design - Armament - Main Guns
... to carry carried twelve 16-inch 50 caliber Mark 2 guns in four triple turrets ... With the cancellation of the South Dakotas and Lexingtons, the existing guns were transferred to the Army and installed in coastal defense batteries in place of the Army's ...
Mogador Class Destroyer - Armament - Main Guns
... The Mogador-class ships were designed to use four newly designed twin-gun Modèle 1934 "pseudo-turrets" that used the same Canon de 138 mm Modèle 1929 ... The guns were housed in separate cradles that could be coupled together and could elevate to a maximum of 30° and depress 10° ... transferred to a tipping drum that was rotated to match the bearing angle of the guns and then loaded ...
Fusō Class Battleship - Specifications - Armament - Main Battery
... The primary armament of the Fusō class was twelve 14-inch/45-caliber naval guns ... Each gun was 648.4 inches (16.47 m) in length, and weighed 86 metric tons (85 long tons) ... The shells fired by the main guns varied throughout the lifespan of the class ...

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