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Traditional Knowledge - Property Rights
... development policy that allowed for direct community participation and respected local rights and aspirations ... The collective human rights of indigenous and local communities has been increasingly recognized - such as in the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 169 (1989) and the Declaration on the Rights ... of the countries of the world, recognized indigenous and local communities as distinct groups with special concerns that should be addressed by states ...
Information And Communication Technologies For Development - Criticisms/Challenges - Elements of Successful ICT4D Projects in Africa - Ulwazi: Sharing Digital Knowledge
... building of a database of indigenous knowledge from local communities in the greater Durban area ... In this project, English is used alongside Zulu, the local vernacular, in an attempt to preserve and disseminate local history, culture and language ... some of the benefits of the Ulwazi project to the community Digital content with relevance to local communities becomes available on the internet ...
Community Archaeology - Communities - Non-descent Local Communities
... Local communities are simply communities that live “either on or close to a site” and non-descent local communities are those not believed ancestrally related to the ... This category includes landowners, local volunteers, local organizations, and local stakeholders ... issues in community archaeology are applicable to non-local descent communities, and that these collaborations are crucial for archaeologists seeking to understand the local social context of their ...
Questions About Prodesis in The European Parliament
... was designed with the input and participation of local stakeholders who will continue to participate in the planning and implementation process, in particular through the ... It has been reported that some local communities and governments in the South/Southeast of Mexico criticise the PPP as a top-down initiative with ... elected to work on the project have Community support? What will happen to communities which refuse to take part in this project? How will support for the project be assessed in this highly militarised and ...
South Sinai Regional Development Programme - Objectives of The Programme and Priority Issues For 2006 - 2010
... purpose of the programme is defined as the development of local economy and activities and the preservation and support of the social, cultural and natural resources of South Sinai ... The expected results are • the promotion of local communities (particularly Bedouins) and their social and economic development, • the increased support for sustainable tourism ... to maintain and advance the development of local economy through activities respectful of, and consistent with, the need to protect and preserve the sensitive and rich social ...

Famous quotes containing the words communities and/or local:

    The horror of class stratification, racism, and prejudice is that some people begin to believe that the security of their families and communities depends on the oppression of others, that for some to have good lives there must be others whose lives are truncated and brutal.
    Dorothy Allison (b. 1949)

    The local is a shabby thing. There’s nothing worse than bringing us back down to our own little corner, our own territory, the radiant promiscuity of the face to face. A culture which has taken the risk of the universal, must perish by the universal.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)