List of Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu Episodes - Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu: Finale

Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu: Finale

# Title Original release date
01 "I Made Another Wonderful Memory ♪"
"Mata Suteki na Omoide ga Dekimashita ♪" (また素敵な思い出ができました♪)
August 20, 2012
Yūto and Haruka continue maintain their close relationship, while Shiina’s own feelings for Yūto grow stronger. In preparation for their school trip to Hokkaido, everyone has a reunion at Yūto’s house which soon turns into a party, where afterwards Shiina decides to confess to Yūto during the trip. Once in Hokkaido, Yūto and Haruka spend their free time together, albeit accompanied by Mika, Hazuki, and Nanami who tagged along. At the day’s end, Haruka tells Yūto that she had fun and asks him if they could have another date, to which he happily agrees to. Back at the hotel, Shiina takes Yūto out to the city where she confess that she loves him, which Haruka who had followed them also hears.
02 "I Love You ☆"
"Daisuki desu ☆" (大好きです☆)
October 7, 2012
Following Shiina’s confession, Yūto is left unsure of how to respond to her, while Haruka is confused on how to interpret her own feelings for Yūto. When Mika, Hazuki, and Nanami learn of her plight, Hazuki tells Haruka they cannot help because Haruka herself must determine how she feels about Yūto. Haruka tries to speak with Yūto, but is unable to do so, and is left in tears when she sees him pulled away by Shiina. After spending the day with Shiina, Yūto comes to realize his feelings for Haruka, and parts ways with Shiina to look for Haruka. When he finds her he confesses his love for her and Haruka reciprocates, and the two officially become a couple, while agreeing to keep their new relationship a secret between themselves. After returning home, Haruka asks Yūto if they can form a doujin circle for the upcoming Summer Comiket, and he agrees to it.
03 "I Love Anime"
"Watashi wa, Anime ga Daisuki desu!" (私は、アニメが大好きです!)
October 28, 2012
Yūto and Haruka finally completed what they were going to sell at Comiket. Nobunaga then shows up while they were starting up,saying that three girls were looking for their stand. When Yūto and Nobunaga arrive with the three girls,Haruka froze as she saw their faces. The girls were actually her best friends from when she was in middle school. They went there to apologize for turning their backs against Haruka when her secret was revealed back in middle school. They talk things out and Haruka finally forgives them. Later that night,Mika called that her sister was missing. Just when he was about to go to that Nogizaka Residence,Akiho,Haruka's mother,calls Yūto just to tell him that she knows where Haruka is and is safe, but tomorrow,she will be married.
04 "The Secret Between the Two of Us ☆"
"Futari Dake no Himitsu, desu ☆" (二人だけの秘密、です☆)
November 25, 2012
The episode starts with Setsugetsuka Tennōji, who is a rival of Haruka, gloating over being able to hurt Haruka. Yūto decides to go to Haruka and stop her marriage, and is aided by Mika and the maids. His classmates, sister and teacher all join him on the plane to where Haruka is held. Everyone but Yūto and Mika sacrifices themselves to fight the "Hellhounds", while Haruka defeats someone guarding her. Yūto has to fight Haruka's father, while Haruka has to fight her mother to prove their love. They proceed to embrace each other. Haruka's rival steps in, summoning the Tennōji clan's knight, who has already been dealt with by Tōka Tennōji. Haruka and Yūto then get married.

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