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Other Sets

Two Lego Mindstorms sets have been released prior to 2002. The first set featured R2-D2 which can also be converted into a Battle Droid on a STAP and a Treadwell droid. It is called the Droid Developer Kit and was Released in 2000, numbered 9748, and contains 657 pieces. The second set was an AT-AT which can also be converted in to a Destroyer Droid and Droid Starfighter (walking mode). It is called Dark Side Developer Kit and was released later in 2000, numbered 9754, and it contains 578 pieces.

Keychains/keyrings are very popular Lego sets. Until recently, only single characters were released as keychains.

Number Name
3913 Darth Vader Keychain
3914 Luke Skywalker Keychain
3922 Darth Maul Keychain
3947 Yoda Keychain
4202665 C-3PO Keychain
4224469 Snowtrooper Keychain
4224471 Yoda Keychain
4224472 Stromtrooper Keychain
4270898 Anakin Keychain
4270900 Clone Trooper Keyring
4270902 Chewbacca Keyring
4274291 Yoda Keyring
4294201 Boba Fett Keyring
4297461 Imperial Royal Guard Keyring
851091 R2-D2 Keyring
851461 Obi-Wan Keychain
851937 Astromech Droid Keychain
851938 Princess Leia Keychain
852113 Millennium Falcon Bag Charm
852114 Y-wing Fighter Bag Charm
852115 Vader’s TIE Fighter Bag Charm
852245 Land Speeder Bag Charm
852246 Slave I Bag Charm
852247 Jedi Starfighter Bag Charm
852352 Plo Koon Keychain
852353 Ahsoka Keychain
852354 Asajj Ventress Keychain
852355 Commander Cody Keychain
852356 Captain Rex Keychain
853201 Jar Jar Binks Keychain
853200 Shaak Ti Keychain

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