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Symphony: Ixa, Fist On

9 "Symphony: Ixa, Fist On"
"Kōkyō: Ikusa, Fisuto On" (交響・イクサ・フィストオン) Toshiki Inoue March 23, 2008

In 1986, for saving Yuri's life a second time, Shima makes Jiro an official Fangire Hunter much to Otoya's dismay. The next day, Shima tells Otoya of a mysterious killer targeting violinists playing the Black Star violin that may be a Fangire. He assigns Yuri and Jiro to get the violin at an auction, finding Otoya attempting to get the Black Star himself until Jiro knocks him out so Yuri can bid for it. After winning the auction at a much higher price than she expected to pay for it, Yuri horribly plays the Black Star to Otoya's dismay. Yuri faces the mysterious killer, the Frog Fangire, who wants his violin back as Jiro arrives. During the fight, Otoya witnesses Jiro assume his true form as Garulu, who engages in battle with the Frog Fangire. After the Fangire escapes, Ramon chides Jiro for choosing to live alongside humans, arriving with another mysterious man: Riki. But the two soon understand Jiro's intent--to use humans to get revenge on the Fangires.

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