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The Balance Beam in the original version of American Gladiators was a horizontal beam approximately 6 inches wide between two platforms. It was used in the first two seasons of the original show. During Season 1, the balance beam was the second obstacle. Three Gladiators (not necessarily of the same gender as the contender), standing on platforms on either side of the course, swung three medicine balls at each contender in an effort to knock them off and into the pit below. Holding onto the medicine balls or the ropes supporting them or falling into the pit resulted in points being deducted. The first half of season one saw a twenty-five point penalty assessed for either infraction, while the second season saw it reduced to ten points.

During the second season, the balance beam became the third obstacle. A single Gladiator, standing on the platform at the end of the balance beam, would swing a weighted blocking dummy at the contender. Holding onto the dummy or rope or falling off of the beam and onto the mats below resulted in a ten-point penalty. In both seasons, only one penalty would be assessed, so a contender who held onto a rope, then fell into the pit would only be assessed a single penalty. This obstacle would later be expanded into the event Hit & Run.

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