List of Commonwealth Records in Finswimming - Long Course Metres - Men


The records listed are correct as of 13 April 2008.

Event Time Name Team Location
50 m 00:17.72 Lam Zhi Loong 2003 Ho Chi Minh City
100 m 00:42.70 Lam Zhi Loong 2003 Ho Chi Minh City
200 m 01:37.44 Matt Saunders 2000 Palma de Majorca
400 m 03:30.62 Jeremy Morse 1994 Dong Guan
800 m 07:24.53 Jeremy Morse 1994 Dong Guan
1500 m 14:20.69 Jeremy Morse 1994 Dong Guan
50 m 00:21.55 George Hopkinson 2007 Swansea
100 m 00:54.42 Alaric Smith 2007 Swansea
200 m 02:08.62 Jason Smith 2007 Antwerp
50 m 00:16.10 Leslie Kwok Ying Wah 2003 Ho Chi Minh City
100 m 00:40.89 Alaric Smith 2007 Antwerp
400 m 03:39.75 Josef Kyskila 1996 Canberra
800 m 08:54.12 Alaric Smith 2007 Swansea
4×100 m 02:50.01 Singapore 2003 Ho Chi Minh City
4×200 m 07:03.41 Australia 1992 Athens

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