List of Commonwealth Records in Finswimming

Below is the list of current Commonwealth Finswimming Records. The records are ratified by the Commonwealth Finswimming Committee, which is made up of the National Finswimming Governing Bodies of Commonwealth of Nations. The First Commonwealth Championships were held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in February 2007.

This page does not include the Commonwealth Finswimming Championship Records. This list echoes that found on the Swansea Finswimming Club Website and the British Finswimming Association documents website. These records are correct as of 4 December 2008. Times set before the First Commonwealth Championships have been allowed. All records have been accepted as a result of documentary evidence of the events or time-trials that they were set at.

Currently there are only four nations hold records: Australia (10), England (8), New Zealand (7) and Singapore (5). Finswimming is currently competed in 8 Commonwealth Countries (including home nations); Australia, Canada, Cyprus, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa and Wales .

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List Of Commonwealth Records In Finswimming - Short Course Metres - Women
... The records listed are correct as of 13 April 2008 ... Event Time Name Year Location Surface 25 m 0010.49 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 50 m 0021.86 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 100 m 0049.17 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 200 m 0147.92 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 400 m 0352.65 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 800 m 0834.71 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua 1500 m 1712.32 Rebekah Tunevitsch 2001 Hobart Stereofins 50 m 0028.24 Aisling Crean 2002 Edenbridge 100 m 0106.42 Aisling Crean 2002 Edenbridge Apnea 25 m 0009.84 Tamara Hosking 2004 Canberra 50 m 0021.82 Juliet Tompkins 1999 Rotorua Immersion 100 m 0109.86 Claire Jacob 2002 Edenbridge 400 m No Time 800 m No Time Relays 4×50 m 0152.06 Tonbridge F.C ...

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