List of Arkansas Civil War Confederate Units

List Of Arkansas Civil War Confederate Units

Like most states, Arkansas possessed a prewar Militia organization, which consisted of seventy one regiments, organized into eight brigades, and divided into two divisions. In addition to its standard militia regiment or regiments, each county was authorized to create up to four Volunteer Militia Companies. While none of the prewar militia regiments were enrolled into Confederate service, many of the existing Volunteer Militia Companies were enrolled into new volunteer regiments. Other new Volunteer Companies were raised with no connection to the prewar militia. Immediately following secession, the State Military Board began organizing regiments of State Troops. Many of these regiments were eventually transferred into Confederate Service. Some Volunteer Regiments were organized under direct authority of the new Confederate Government and were never organized as State Troops. In April 1862, the Confederate Congress passed a conscription law and new companies and regiments were organized almost entirely of conscripted (drafted) men. Volunteers usually went into already existing units. The secession convention also authorized each county to organize Home Guard units made up of men too young or too old or otherwise exempt from conscription or militia service.

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List Of Arkansas Civil War Confederate Units - Home Guard
... The Arkansas Secession Convention enacted an ordinance on May 30, 1861, authorizing the county courts in each county of the state to appoint a "home guard of minute-men" for a term of service of three months, to ... An ancillary duty of the home guard was to support the Army of Arkansas when called upon to do so ... looting and destruction of county court-houses in many parts of the State during the war resulted in the loss of most of the records ...

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