Liquidation (miniseries) - Plot Summary - Episode 14

Episode 14

Krechetov’s wife Antonina follows him to a meeting with Chekan. Realising that he is a traitor, she confronts Krechetov, who stabs her to death. Meanwhile, Anatoly Zhivchik, Chekan’s assistant, hands out Red Army uniforms and weapons to various gang members, enabling them to pose as military personnel as part of Krechetov’s plan. Victor Platov rendezvous with the forest gangs, handing out uniforms to them as well. As Krechetov, Chekan and Zhivchik prepare to capture Odessa, they realise that it is filled with disguised Counterintelligence agents. Zhivchik is arrested, and Chekan manages to inform Krechetov before he is shot and severely injured in a fire fight with a Counterintelligence agent. Gottsman arrives and arrests Krechetov, informing his that his arrest was a red herring. Captain Yekimenko, together with a division of snipers and machine-gunners, intercepts three trucks with the disguised forest gang members. Victor Platov, who turns out to be a double-agent working for Counterintelligence, is shot and injured by the forest gang leader during the intercept. All gang members are disarmed and arrested. Meanwhile, Gottsman reveals to Krechetov that the knot used to murder Rodya was not, in fact, Japanese, and that this is what gave Krechetov away. When asking for a cigarette, Krechetov grabs a hidden pistol and shoots the two arresting officers, taking Gottsman hostage. Meanwhile, on a steamer ship, Shtekhel, Ida and several gangsters spot Chekan in a rowboat. Shtekhel orders a gangster to shoot Chekan, tying up loose ends. Ida attacks the gangster, who stabs her to death. Her body is placed in the rowboat, but Shtekhel realises that he hasn’t taken her purse. As he descends into the rowboat, the gangsters shoot him. Krechetov reveals to Gottsman that he killed Phima and doctor Arsenin, burying the latter’s body at sea. Krechetov then attempts to pass by the police by keeping Gottsman at gunpoint, but Gottsman pushes him off a ledge onto a vertical steel pipe, which impales Krechetov. As Krechetov’s body is carried away, Gottsman travels to a military boarding school, where he watches Mishka in the school’s choir. The narrator’s voiceover states that “no one knows where the truth and where the fiction in this story lies, and whether this story happened at all, know only the chestnuts on the French boulevard, the Black Sea and the city of Odessa…”

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