Limited Company

A limited company is a company in which the liability of the members or subscribers of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company. Limited companies may be limited by shares or by guarantee. And the former of these, a limited company limited by shares, may be further divided into public companies and private companies. Who may become a member of a private limited company is restricted by law and by the company's rules. In contrast anyone may buy shares in a public limited company.

Limited companies can be found in most countries, although the detailed rules governing them vary widely. It is also common for a distinction to be made between the publicly tradable companies of plc type (for example, the German Aktiengesellschaft (AG), Czech a.s. and the Mexican, French, Polish and Romanian S.A.), and the "private" types of company (such as the German GmbH, Polish Sp. z o.o., the Czech s.r.o. and Slovak s.r.o.).

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Tax Residence in Germany
... earned from one's limited company ... In the case of salary and benefits from your limited company, the source is German since the duties of the employment are being performed in Germany ... However, dividends from your limited company (assuming this is not deemed to have a permanent establishment in Germany see below) would be from a non-German source regardless of ...
Building Design Partnership - History - Limited Company
... BDP ceased to be a partnership in 1997 and is now a limited company. ...
Ebrahimi V Westbourne Galleries Ltd - Judgment
... The House of Lords stated that as a company is a separate legal person, the court would not normally entertain such an application ... However, they believed that as the company was so similar in its operation as it was when it was a partnership, they created what is now known as a quasi-partnership ... Nazar and his son to use their rights against Mr Ebrahimi so as to force him out of the company and so it was just and equitable to wind it up ...
Electric Palace Cinema, Harwich - Community
... Since reopening in 1981, the cinema has been managed by a Limited Company which is a subsidiary of the Harwich Electric Palace Trust that owns the building ... Almost all the staff of the Limited Company work as volunteers, this includes the directors, projectionists, managers and sales people ... The Limited Company usually makes a small profit which is then paid over to the charitable Trust and thereby used for the maintenance and upgrading of the ...

Famous quotes containing the words company and/or limited:

    I hate the prostitution of the name of friendship to signify modish and worldly alliances. I much prefer the company of ploughboys and tin-peddlers, to the silken and perfumed amity which celebrates its days of encounter by a frivolous display, by rides in a curricle, and dinners at the best taverns.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    We must believe that He permits it [this war] for some wise purpose of his own, mysterious and unknown to us; and though with our limited understandings we may not be able to comprehend it, yet we cannot but believe, that he who made the world still governs it.
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