Legal Certainty Test

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Diversity Jurisdiction - Amount in Controversy
... Courts will use the legal certainty test to decide whether the dispute is over $75,000 ... Under the legal certainty test, the court will accept the pleaded amount unless it is legally certain that the pleading party cannot recover more than $75,000 ... for practically any injury may exceed $75,000 such that the "legal certainty" test will not bar Federal Court jurisdiction ...
Amount In Controversy - Legal Certainty Test
... In 1938, Justice Owen Roberts set forth the "legal-certainty test", which is still used today It must appear to a legal certainty that the claim is really for less than the jurisdictional ... of the pleadings, it is apparent to a legal certainty that the plaintiff cannot recover the amount claimed or if, from the proofs, the court is satisfied to ... The legal certainty test is often heavily litigated in personal injury or wrongful death cases, in the situation where they are removed by a defendant to federal court on the ...

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