Ledge may refer to:

  • Ridge, a geological feature
  • Reef, an underwater feature
  • Stratum, a layer of rock
  • A narrow, flat area with cliff faces or steep slopes both below and above
  • Slang for legend or legendary
  • Window ledge
  • "The Ledge", a song by Fleetwood Mac from the album Tusk

Other articles related to "ledge":

Cleveland East Ledge Light
... Cleveland East Ledge Light is a historic lighthouse in Falmouth, Massachusetts ... water on the eastern of the two halves of Cleveland Ledge, which is said to have been named for President Grover Cleveland because he used to fish in the area ... It was added to the National Register of Historic Places as Cleveland Ledge Light Station in 1987 ...
Minots Ledge
... Minot's Ledge, also known as the Cohasset Rocks, is a reef off the harbor of Cohasset, Massachusetts, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southeast of Boston, Massachusetts ... It is the site of the Minot's Ledge Light which is considered one of the most significant American engineering achievements of the 19th Century ...
Cross Ledge Light
... The Cross Ledge Light was a lighthouse on the north side of the ship channel in Delaware Bay on the east coast of the United States, southwest of Egg Island Point ... It was replaced by the Elbow of Cross Ledge Light and the Miah Maull Shoal Light in the early 1900s and razed by the coast guard in 1962 ...
Cross Ledge Light - History
... Cross Ledge is part of a long system of shoals which delimits the northern boundary of the channel through Delaware Bay ... Cross Ledge Light was unlike any other light in the area ... The activation of the Elbow of Cross Ledge Light in 1910 marked the same shoal more effectively, and the Cross Ledge Light was abandoned in the same year ...

Famous quotes containing the word ledge:

    Summer involves going down as a steep flight of steps
    To a narrow ledge over the water. Is this it, then,
    This iron comfort, these reasonable taboos,
    Or did you mean it when you stopped? And the face
    Resembles yours, the one reflected in the water.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)