Le Sage

Le Sage is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alain-René Le Sage (1668–1747), French novelist
  • Georges-Louis Le Sage (1724–1803), Swiss physicist

See also: Lesage

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Georges-Louis Le Sage - Gravitation - Le Sage's Predecessors - Summary
... Although Le Sage acknowledged that he wasn't the first one to propose such a theory, he always said that he was the first one who ever drew all consequences from ... example, in his "Lucrece Newtonien" (1782) Le Sage didn't mention any of his predecessors by name ... Prévost praised his friend Le Sage for "scrupulously giving credit to his predecessors in all of his writings" ...
Le Sage's Theory Of Gravitation - Le Sage - Reception of Le Sage's Theory
... Le Sage’s ideas were not well-received during his day, except for some of his friends and associates like Pierre Prévost, Charles Bonnet, Jean-André Deluc, Charles Mahon, 3rd Earl Stanhope and Simon Lhuilier ... They mentioned and described Le Sage's theory in their books and papers, which were used by their contemporaries as a secondary source for Le Sage's theory (because of the lack of ... Euler, Bernoulli, and Boscovich Leonhard Euler once remarked that Le Sage's model was "infinitely better" than that of all other authors, and that all objections are balanced out in this model, but later he said ...
Georges-Louis Le Sage - Gravitation - Le Sage's Predecessors
... Le Sage was not the first to propose what is now called “Le Sage’s theory of gravity” ... The extent to which Le Sage was influenced by these predecessors is a matter of controversy ...
Bill Le Sage - Discography
... Presenting The Bill Le Sage - Ronnie Ross Quartet (April 1963) - Le Sage (piano, vibes) Ross (baritone sax) Spike Heatley (bass) Allan Ganley (drums) Cleopatra's Needle (196. 1-2 (2007) Dick Morrissey, Spike Robinson, Bill Le Sage, Bill Eyden and Alec Dankworth ...

Famous quotes containing the word sage:

    The Sage of Toronto ... spent several decades marveling at the numerous freedoms created by a “global village” instantly and effortlessly accessible to all. Villages, unlike towns, have always been ruled by conformism, isolation, petty surveillance, boredom and repetitive malicious gossip about the same families. Which is a precise enough description of the global spectacle’s present vulgarity.
    Guy Debord (b. 1931)