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Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - Regulation of Firearms - Firearms Tracing
... over 285,000 trace requests on guns for over 6,000 law enforcement agencies in 50 countries ... ATF uses a Web-based system, known as eTrace, that provides law enforcement agencies with the capability to securely and electronically send trace requests, receive trace results, and ... Over 2,000 agencies and more than 17,000 individuals currently use eTrace, including over 33 foreign law enforcement agencies ...
California Department Of Justice - Description
... of criminal justice intelligence among law enforcement agencies" Division of Civil Law, which "both prosecutes and defends civil actions" Division of Criminal Law, which "represent the People of the ... Its assistance to local law enforcement agencies, for example a database that "cross-reference criminal history and firearms possession information" ...
Commission On Accreditation For Law Enforcement Agencies - CALEA Accreditation Programs - Law Enforcement
... The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program was the first credentialing program established by CALEA after its founding ... It was originally developed to address what was seen as a need to enhance law enforcement as a profession and to improve law enforcement service delivery ... That mission continues today through a tiered law enforcement accreditation program ...
List Of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies - Federal Investigation Agency - Jurisdiction and Investigative Responsibilities
... The FIA has the broadest jurisdiction (investigative authority) of all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies ... of Pakistan has not specifically assigned to other Federal Agencies ... Prime Minister, Attorney General and Provinces of Pakistan or if authorized under a law passed by Parliament ...
Law Enforcement Organisation
... Law enforcement organisation is broad term, and while it includes law enforcement agencies, when used typically, is meant to specifically include organisations other ... A law enforcement agency has powers, while other law enforcement organisations do not ... Law enforcement organisations other than law enforcement agencies may be associations of personnel of law enforcement agencies at certain levels within their ...

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    While it is generally agreed that the visible expressions and agencies are necessary instruments, civilization seems to depend far more fundamentally upon the moral and intellectual qualities of human beings—upon the spirit that animates mankind.
    Mary Ritter Beard (1876–1958)

    The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of laws, where there is no law, there is no freedom.
    John Locke (1632–1704)