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French-based Creole Languages - Classification - Americas
... with progressive aspect marker ape Haitian Creole or Kreyòl ayisyen, is a language spoken primarily in Haiti ... It is the largest French-derived language in the world, with a total of 12 million fluent speakers ... It is also the most-spoken creole language in the world ...
Louisiana Creole People - Culture - Language
... LF) is the regional variety of the French language spoken throughout contemporary Louisiana in the south-eastern USA by individuals who today identify ethno-racially as Creole, French Creole, Spanish Creole ... and contact, continually enrich the French language spoken in Louisiana, seasoning it with linguistic features that can sometimes only be found in Louisiana ... Department of French and Italian's website declares in bold text French is not a foreign language in Louisiana ...
List Of Constructed Languages - Artistic Languages - Languages Used in Fiction - Literature
... Amtorian, spoken in some cultures on the planet Venus in Venus series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and several sequels ... inventive morphology but a far less interesting syntax." Ancient Language in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini ... France were permanently united into a single kingdom by Richard the Lionheart and their languages consequently merged ...
Creole - Languages
... A creole language is a stable, full-fledged language that originated from a pidgin ... Creole languages subgroups may include Arabic-based creole languages Dutch-based creole languages English-based creole languages French-based creole languages German-based creole ... Virgin Islands Bislama, an English-based creole, spoken in Vanuatu Llanito, a Spanish- and English-based creole, spoken in Gibraltar Bajan or Barbadian Creole ...

Famous quotes containing the words spoken and/or language:

    Artists broken against her,
    Astray, lost in the villages,
    Mistrusted, spoken against,
    Lovers of beauty, starved,
    Thwarted with systems,
    Helpless against the control;
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)

    I now thinke, Love is rather deafe, than blind,
    For else it could not be,
    That she,
    Whom I adore so much, should so slight me,
    And cast my love behind:
    I’m sure my language to her, was as sweet,
    And every close did meet
    In sentence, of as subtile feet,
    As hath the youngest Hee,
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)