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Beehive - Modern Artificial Hives - Hives Optimized For Apis Mellifera, Apis Cerana - Langstroth Hives
... Lorenzo Langstroth, Langstroth hives are not the only hives of this style, but they are the most common ... Langstroth patented his design in 1860 originally for comb honey production it has become the standard style hive for 75% of the world's beekeepers ... This class of hives includes other styles, which differ mainly in the size and number of frames used ...
Beekeeping Helmet - Origins - Evolution of Hive Designs
... Langstroth's design for movable comb hives was seized upon by apiarists and inventors on both sides of the Atlantic and a wide range of moveable comb ... Classic designs evolved in each country Dadant hives and Langstroth hives are still dominant in the USA in France the De-Layens trough-hive became ... countries and in Russia the traditional trough hive persisted until late in the 20th Century and is still kept in some areas ...
L. L. Langstroth
... Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (25 December 1810 – October 6, 1895), apiarist, clergyman and teacher, is considered the "Father of American Beekeeping." L ... Langstroth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... In 1848, Langstroth became principal of a young ladies' school in Philadelphia ...

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