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Guilla Of Provence
... It is certain that she was first consort of king Rudolf I of Upper Burgundy (who was proclaimed king in 888 and died on 25 October 911) and later, from 912, consort of Hugh of Arles, border count of Provence, who in ... She is believed to have been a daughter of king Boso of Lower Burgundy (Provence), and she is presumed to have been the mother of king Rudolf II of Upper ... The first-mentioned kinship would make her a sibling, at least half-sister, of king Louis III of Italy ...
Great Saxon Revolt
... who elected as their figurehead the duke of Swabia and anti-king Rudolf of Rheinfeld, a two-way brother-in-law of the young Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (Henry was crowned at the age of six and took on his ... As the elected antiking, Rudolf hoped to achieve the greater nobilities' backing by promising to respect the electoral concept of the monarchy (thus accepting a more limited and greater ... When Rudolf was crowned at Mainz in May 1077 by one of the plotters, Siegfried I, Archbishop of Mainz, the population revolted and forced him, the archbishop, and ...

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