Kinetic Resolution

Kinetic resolution is a means of differentiating two enantiomers in a racemate in organic chemistry. In kinetic resolution, two enantiomers react with different reaction rates in a chemical reaction with a chiral catalyst or reagant, resulting in an enantioenriched sample of the less reactive enantiomer. As opposed to chiral resolution, kinetic resolution does not rely on different physical properties of diasteremeric products, but rather on the different chemical properties of the racemic starting materials. This enantiomeric excess (ee) of the unreacted starting material continually rises as more product is formed, reaching 100% just before full completion of the reaction. Kinetic resolution relies upon differences in reactivity between enantiomers or enantiomeric complexes. Kinetic resolution is a concept in organic chemistry and can be used for the preparation of chiral molecules in organic synthesis. Kinetic resolution reactions utilizing purely synthetic reagents and catalysts are much less common than the use of enzymatic kinetic resolution in application towards organic synthesis, although a number of useful synthetic techniques have been developed in the past 30 years.

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Parallel Kinetic Resolution
... In parallel kinetic resolution (PKR), a racemic mixture reacts to form two non-enantiomeric products, often through completely different reaction ... Highly synthetically useful parallel kinetic resolutions have truly yet to be discovered, however ... ee's and yields, but there are very few examples which give highly selective parallel kinetic resolution and not simply somewhat selective reactions ...
Sharpless Epoxidation - Kinetic Resolution
... The Sharpless Epoxidation can also give kinetic resolution of a racemic mixture of secondary 2,3-epoxyalcohols ... While the yield of a kinetic resolution process cannot be higher than 50%, the enantiomeric excess approaches 100% in some reactions ...

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