Some articles on judgments, judgment:

Metamemory Phenomena - Judgment of Learning
... Judgments of learning (JOLs) or metamemory judgments are made when knowledge is acquired ... Metamnemonic judgments are based on different sources of information, and target information is important for JOLs ... Judgment of learning can be divided into four categories ease-of-learning judgments, paired-associate JOLs, ease-of-recognition judgments, and free-recall JOLs ...
Law Of Jersey - Precedent and Law Reporting
... to the system of writing and reporting judgments was put in place ... Up to this point, the Royal Court's judgments were in the French style of jugements motivés, written in French by the Greffier rather than the judge, and expressing the reasons for ... Le Quesne changed the language of judgments to English and adopted the common law style of judgments, where the judge gives detailed reasons for accepting or ...
Sulpicio Lines - Maritime Disasters - Judgments
... In a 12-page judgment, Antonio Nachura (3rd Division) opined “We have meticulously reviewed the records of the case and found no reason to depart from the (CA) rule. 22, 2008, Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Silvino Pampilo Jr.'s dismissal judgment of its P4.45 million damage lawsuit against respondents Philippine Atmospheric ...
List Of UK Judgments Relating To Excluded Subject Matter
... This article lists judgments delivered by the UK courts that deal with excluded subject matter ... list some of the discussions that have been had about the different judgments ...

Famous quotes containing the word judgments:

    It is hardly surprising that children should enthusiastically start their education at an early age with the Absolute Knowledge of computer science; while they are unable to read, for reading demands making judgments at every line.... Conversation is almost dead, and soon so too will be those who knew how to speak.
    Guy Debord (b. 1931)

    To make our idea of morality centre on forbidden acts is to defile the imagination and to introduce into our judgments of our fellow-men a secret element of gusto.
    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

    We are ashamed to seem evasive in the presence of a straightforward man, cowardly in the presence of a brave one, gross in the eyes of a refined one, and so on. We always imagine, and in imagining share, the judgments of the other mind.
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)