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List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - H - John Henry
... John Henry, portrayed initially by computer equipment and Garret Dillahunt as of the end of "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point", is a sentient ... He is named John Henry by his psychologist, Dr ... Boyd Sherman, after the mythical steel driving John Henry of American folklore ...
John Henry, Margrave Of Moravia - Ancestry
... Ancestors of John Henry, Margrave of Moravia 16 ... Henry V, Count of Luxembourg 8 ... Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg 17 ...
Steel (John Henry Irons)
... to generate heat and become fluid molten steel Steel (John Henry Irons), also known as the Man of Iron, is a fictional character, a superhero in the ... Aspects of the character are clearly inspired by the African American folk hero John Henry, as well as Superman ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - W - Savannah Weaver
... Savannah meets John Connor at the psychologist's office, and he teaches her how to tie her shoes ... Savannah and the T-1001's other "child", John Henry, become playmates ... and a variation of hide-and-seek in which John Henry remotely searches for her via the building's security systems ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - G - Andy Goode
... that The New Turk — now in the form of John Henry — is not destined to become Skynet, but rather oppose it ... shares an identical code as The Turk in the present, attempted to compromise John Henry at ZeiraCorp ... This AI — referred to as John Henry's "brother" - is connected to Kaliba, a company which has apparently been infiltrated by Skynet agents ...

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