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  • John Brown (American author) (born 1966), novelist and short story writer
  • John Brown (architect), British architect in the 19th century
  • John Brown (builder) (1809–1876), prolific Canadian builder best remembered for building Ontario's Imperial Towers
  • John Brown (educator) (1763–1842), third president of the University of Georgia
  • John Brown (fugitive slave) (c. 1810–1876), writer of Slave Life in Georgia: A Narrative of the Life, Sufferings and Escape of John Brown published in London, UK 1855
  • Sir John Brown (industrialist) (1816–1896), UK inventor of a process for rolling armor-plate and founder of the Atlas steelworks, Sheffield Towers
  • John A. Brown, Jr. (died 1997), American murderer executed in Louisiana for the murder of Omer Laughlin
  • John Mason Brown (1900–1969), United States literary critic
  • John Nicholas Brown II (1900–1979), heir of the Brown fortune and U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy (AIR) 1946–49
  • John Robert Brown (judge) (1909–1993), member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, noted for his key decisions in favor of civil rights
  • John W. Brown (1867–1941), Canadian-born labor leader in the United States
  • John W. Brown (set decorator), a set decorator who won an Academy Award
  • John E. Brown (1879–1957), founder of John Brown University
  • John Macmillan Brown, Scottish-New Zealand academic, administrator and promoter of education for women
  • John Carter Brown (1797–1874), book collector
  • John Crosby Brown (1838–1909), partner in Brown Bros. & Co.
  • Sir John McLeavy Brown (1835–1926), British lawyer and diplomat
  • John Gregory Brown (born 1960), American novelist
  • John Seely Brown, researcher in organizational studies

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