Jo Parrish

Jo Parrish

Joanna "Jo" Parrish was a fictional character on the Australian police series Blue Heelers. She arrived in 1999 and left in 2004 when she was killed in an explosion. She was portrayed by Jane Allsop.

Jo entered the series in the Season 6 episode "Hello, Goodbye". She was initially portrayed as a very stubborn and sometimes even pig-headed young woman. She does, however, mature over the course of the series. She was good mates with Constable Jack Lawson and then his replacement, Constable Evan Jones. She also got on well with Senior Constable Maggie Doyle in the brief time between when Jo came to Mount Thomas and Maggie was shot dead. She initially disliked the new sergeant who arrived after Maggie's death, Tess Gallagher, however, the two later became friends. She is the 7th Longest character behind Tom,Chris,PJ,Maggie,Ben,and Nick

Jo was promoted to Senior Constable in Season 11 of the series.

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