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Japanese People In Hong Kong - History - The Imperial Japanese Occupation and Japanese Civilians
... The Japanese population did not grow much in the following decade though Japanese schools continued to operate in Wan Chai and Kennedy Town, by the time of the Japanese ... Japanese settlers often followed the Imperial Japanese Army, as in the case of Manchukuo in the aftermath of the Mukden Incident however the 1941-1945 Japanese occupation ... The existing institutions of the Japanese civilian population in Hong Kong were co-opted by the military for their own purposes for example, the Hong ...
Battle Of Saipan - Battle - Civilian Casualties
... Saipan had been seized by Japan after World War I, and thus a large number of Japanese civilians lived thereā€”at least 25,000 ... erected a civilian prisoner encampment on 23 June 1944 that soon had more than 1,000 inmates ... at the camp were conspicuously left on overnight to attract other civilians with the promise of three warm meals and no risk of accidentally being shot in combat ...

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