Isotope Ratios

Some articles on isotope ratios:

Dinosaur Egg - Research Techniques - Mass Spectometry
... Similar isotope ratios in Carbon and Oxygen have been found by Erben and others in 1979 in French dinosaur eggs ... Groundwater may have altered the oxygen isotope ratios of dinosaur eggshell before it was fully fossilized ... Bacteria decomposing the egg may also have altered itscarbon isotope ratios ...
Siamosaurus - Habitat
... publication by Romain Amiot and colleagues found that oxygen isotope ratios of spinosaurid bones indicates semiaquatic lifestyles ... Isotope ratios from teeth from the spinosaurids Baryonyx, Irritator, Siamosaurus, and Spinosaurus were compared with isotopic compositions from contemporaneous theropods, turtles, and crocodilians ... study found that, among theropods, spinosaurid isotope ratios were closer to those of turtles and crocodilians ...

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