Irish Language - Use of The Irish Language

Use of The Irish Language

As per the 2011 census of Ireland :

Of the 1.77 million who indicated they could speak Irish, 77,185 said they speak it daily outside the education system. A further 110,642 said they spoke it weekly, while 613,236 said they spoke it less often. One in four said they never spoke Irish. The numbers speaking Irish on a daily basis outside the education system increased by 5,037 persons since 2006 from 72,148 to 77,185; the numbers speaking weekly showed an increase of 7,781 persons, while those speaking Irish less often showed the largest increase of 27,139

The above text is a direct quote from page 12 of the This is Ireland report produced by the Central Statistics Office of Ireland on 29 March 2012.

To place those figures in context, the same census report also contained details for foreign (i.e. not English or Irish) languages spoken in the home.

Language Number of speakers
Polish 119,526
French 56,430
Lithuanian 31,635

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