Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard (IWB), is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus, or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand.

They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, in broadcasting studios and others.

The interactive whiteboard industry was expected to reach sales of US$1 billion worldwide by 2008; one of every seven classrooms in the world was expected to feature an interactive whiteboard by 2011 according to market research by Futuresource Consulting. In 2004, 26% of British primary classrooms had interactive whiteboards. The Becta Harnessing Technology Schools Survey 2007 indicated that 98% of secondary and 100% of primary schools had IWBs. By 2008 the average numbers of interactive whiteboards rose in both primary schools (18 compared with just over six in 2005, and eight in the 2007 survey) and secondary schools (38, compared with 18 in 2005 and 22 in 2007).

Uses for interactive whiteboards may include:

  • Running software that is loaded onto the connected PC, such as a web browsers or proprietary software used in the classroom.
  • Capturing and saving notes written on a whiteboard to the connected PC
  • Capturing notes written on a graphics tablet connected to the whiteboard
  • Controlling the PC from the white board using click and drag, markup which annotates a program or presentation
  • Using OCR software to translate cursive writing on a graphics tablet into text
  • Using an Audience Response System so that presenters can poll a classroom audience or conduct quizzes, capturing feedback onto the whiteboard

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