INL may refer to:


  • Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, US
  • Falls International Airport (IATA Code: INL) in International Falls, Minnesota
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Independent Newspapers, a New Zealand company
  • Indian National League, a Muslim-based political party
  • International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
  • Institut des nanotechnologies de Lyon, a research institute in Lyon, France


  • Inner nuclear layer, a layer of the retina
  • Integral nonlinearity, electrical engineering, a measure of digital-to-analog converter or analog-to-digital converter accuracy
  • Inter-National League, an ice-hockey league

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Integral Nonlinearity
... Integral nonlinearity (acronym INL) is a term describing the maximum deviation between the ideal output of a DAC and the actual output level (after ... The transfer function of a DAC should ideally be a line and the INL measurement depends on the line selected ... Two often used lines are the best fit line, which is the line that minimizes the INL result and the endpoint line which is a line that passes through the points on the ...
Lapine Language - Selected Vocabulary
... Analogous to "My God!" fu-Inlé After moonrise ... Plural hrududil Inlé The moon, moonrise ... Also means fear, darkness or death (as in the Black Rabbit of Inlé) lendri A badger ...
Indian National League - Prominence
... In the Tamil Nadu state assembly elections in 1996, INL was an alliance of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.inl won five seats in assembly.all India general secretary m.a.latheef ... In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, INL launched four candidates in West Bengal and participated in a "third front" in Tamil Nadu (Advocate Mr E ... In Kerala, INL has close relations with the Left Democratic Front ... - History
... media company Independent Newspapers Ltd (INL) launched Stuff on 27 June 2000 at a cybercafe in Auckland, after announcing its intention to go online more than a ... Saatchi Saatchi conceived the name "Stuff", and INL had to buy the domain name from a cyber squatter ... On 30 June 2003, INL sold its publishing assets including The Dominion Post, The Press, and the Stuff website to Fairfax Media ...