• (adj): Relating to logical induction.
    Example: "Inductive thinking"
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Some articles on inductive:

Sel Trac - Description - Communications
... The original SelTrac system was based on inductive loops that provided a communications channel as well as positioning information ... Normally an inductive loop is used solely as a communications system, with electromagnets on the vehicles or stations inducing currents in the loop that can be read at a distant ... The two-wire inductive loop system was prone to vandalism and, in newer versions of SelTrac, the control signal is transmitted inside the running rails at radio frequency ...
Multidimensional - In Mathematics - Inductive Dimension
... An inductive definition of dimension can be created as follows ... The inductive dimension of a topological space may refer to the small inductive dimension or the large inductive dimension, and is based on the analogy that (n + 1)-dimensional balls have n dimensional ...
Inductive Amplifier
... In electric industries, an inductive amplifier is a type of test instrument that does not require DC electrical contact to detect an AC wire under voltage ... The conventional use of the inductive amplifier is the location of breaks in hidden wires, even buried in concrete ... One of the manufacturers of the inductive amplifier is Tempo ...
Calculus Of Inductive Constructions
... The Calculus of Inductive Constructions (CIC) is the underlying core language of the Coq Proof Assistant ... It is based on the calculus of constructions extended by inductive definitions as they are known from intuitionistic type theory ... is based on two general constructions function definitions and inductive structures ...
Linear Encoder - Physical Principle - Scale/reference Based - Inductive
... Inductive technology is robust to contaminants, allowing calipers and other measurement tools that are coolant-proof ... A popular application of the inductive measuring principle is the Inductosyn ...

More definitions of "inductive":

  • (adj): Of reasoning; proceeding from particular facts to a general conclusion.
    Example: "Inductive reasoning"
  • (adj): Arising from inductance.
    Example: "Inductive reactance"
  • (adj): Inducing or influencing; leading on.
    Example: "Inductive to the sin of Eve"- John Milton
    Synonyms: inducive