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  • Independent, a 2002 song by Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Independent (Ai album), a 2012 album by Ai, a Japanese/American R&B musician
  • Independent (Sacred Reich album), a 1993 album by Sacred Reich, a thrash metal band from Arizona, USA
  • Independent (Faze album), a 2006 album by Faze, a Nigerian R&B musician
  • Indie culture, artistic creations outside the commercial mainstream
    • Independent circuit, professional wrestling show not associated with the major wrestling promotions
    • Independent film, film produced by a small movie studio
    • Indie game, video games that are created independently of the financial backing of a large publishing company
    • Indie comics, also called alternative comics.
    • Independent music, number of genres associated with independent labels
    • Independent radio, radio stations independent of government or conglomerate interference
    • Independent record label, a record label not associated with a major label
  • Independent (song), 2007 song by Webbie
  • Independent station, television station that is not affiliated with any network
  • The Independent, a British national morning newspaper
  • Irish Independent, newspaper
  • ITV (Independent Television), British television channel
  • The Independents (ska band)
  • The Independents (artist group)
  • The Independents (Oporto artist group)
  • The Independents (vocal group), 1970s R&B group

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