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Place (United States Census Bureau) - Census Designated Place
... Census designated places (CDPs) are communities that lack separate municipal governments, and for statistical purposes are defined by the Census Bureau in order to statistically combine and compare populated ... community where the rest lies within an incorporated place ... Although only about one-fifth as numerous as incorporated places (in 1990, of 23,435 "places", 19,289 were incorporated municipalities, and 4,146 were not ...
Census Treatment of The New England Town System - Towns
... Census Bureau does not classify New England towns as "incorporated places" ... Like civil townships, but unlike most incorporated municipalities in other states, New England towns do not usually represent a single compact populated place ... That New England towns serve, in essence, the same function as incorporated places in other states, but are not treated as incorporated places by the Census Bureau, can be a source ...
Sacramento Metropolitan Area - Communities - Incorporated Places
... Places with more than 400,000 inhabitants Sacramento Places with 100,000 to 200,000 inhabitants Elk Grove Roseville Places with 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants Citrus Heights Davis Folsom ...
List Of Incorporated Places In Maryland
... The following is the list of incorporated places in Maryland ... Incorporated places are self-governing municipalities chartered as cities, towns, or villages by an Act of the Maryland General Assembly or, in some cases, by a referendum ... Bethesda, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, and Towson) are not incorporated ...
Census-designated Place - Purpose of Designation
... A formerly incorporated place may disincorporate or be partly annexed by a neighboring town, but the former town or a part of it may still be reported by the census ... In some cases, a CDP may be defined for the urbanized area surrounding an incorporated municipality, but which is outside the municipal boundaries, for example the former CDPs of Greater Galesburg ... In other cases, the boundary of an incorporated place may bisect a recognized community ...

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