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Corruption In India - Bureaucracy - Income Tax Department
... have been several cases of collusion of officials of the income tax department of India for a favorable tax treatment and relaxed prosecutions in return for bribes ...
Service Tax (India) - Income Tax Department - Income Tax Rates
... In terms of the Income Tax Act, 1961, a tax on income is levied on individuals, corporations and body of persons ... In terms of the Finance Act, 2009, the rate of tax for individuals, HUF, Association of Persons (AOP) and Body of individuals (BOI) is as under A surcharge of 2.50% of the total tax liability is applicable ... Note - Education cess is applicable @ 3 per cent on income tax, inclusive of surcharge if there is any ...
Theories On Taxation - Optimal Tax
... Main article Optimal tax Most governments take revenue which exceeds that which can be provided by non-distortionary taxes or through taxes which give a double dividend ... demand for a good, it follows that putting the highest tax rates on the goods for which there is most inelastic supply and demand will result in the ... If individuals experience diminishing returns from income, then the optimum distribution of income for society involves a progressive income tax ...
Hutch Essar - History - Vodafone-Hutchison Tax Case
... Vodafone was embroiled in a $2.5 billion tax dispute with the Indian Income Tax Department over its purchase of Hutshison Essar Telecom services in April 2007 ... It was being alleged by the Indian Tax authorities that the transaction involved purchase of assets of an Indian Company, and therefore the transaction, or part thereof was liable to be taxed in ... The crux of the dispute had been whether or not the Indian Income Tax Department has jurisdiction over the transaction ...
Indian Premier League - Television Rights and Sponsorships - Controversy About Tax Exemption
... Desai seeking a direction to the Maharashtra government and the Income Tax Department to recover entertainment tax from IPL ... Pranab Mukherjee said Tuesday that the Income Tax Department is probing allegations of financial irregularities and "criminal activities" against some of the franchisees in the Indian Premier League (IPL) In June 2011 ... The petitioner said the Income Tax Department was the authority for regulating the tariff for entertainment, which he said would include the IPL matches, but the ...

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