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Defibrillate - History - Implantable Devices
... A further development in defibrillation came with the invention of the implantable device, known as an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (or ICD) ... This device applied a direct current from a discharging capacitor through the chest wall into the heart to stop heart fibrillation ... and grants, they persisted and the first device was implanted in February 1980 at Johns Hopkins Hospital by Dr ...
List Of Puerto Rican Scientists And Inventors - Inventors - Medical Technology
... involve the methods and apparatuses for timing events within an implantable medical device capable of performing many concurrent processes ... prevent defibrillator output stage short circuit failures in implantable devices ... Amely VĂ©lez invented methods for a microprocessor based implantable device to have a configurable memory to assist in software development and patching "Read Only Memory" (ROM) based systems ...

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