Impact Basins

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Geology Of Mercury - Surface Features - Impact Basins and Craters
... Mercury range in diameter from small bowl-shaped craters to multi-ringed impact basins hundreds of kilometers across ... The largest known crater is the enormous Caloris Basin, with a diameter of 1550 km, A basin of comparable size, tentatively named Skinakas Basin had been postulated from low resolution Earth-based ... The impact which created the Caloris Basin was so powerful that its effects are seen on a global scale ...
Lunar Surface - Geologic History
... ocean eventually became concentrated within the region of Oceanus Procellarum and the Imbrium basin, a unique geologic province that is now known as the Procellarum KREEP Terrane ... However, the last large impact that could have excavated deep into the crust (the Imbrium basin) also occurred at 3.85 Ga before present ... Analysis of the lunar samples seems to imply that a significant percentage of the lunar impact basins formed within a very short period of time between about 4 ...
Martian Dichotomy - Multiple Impact Hypothesis
... The multiple impact hypothesis is supported by correlation of segments of the dichotomy with the rims of several large impact basins ... But there are large parts of the Borealis Basin outside the rims of those impact basins ... If the Martian lowlands were formed by the multiple basins then their inner ejecta and rims should stand above upland elevations ...

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