Ilocano or Ilokano may refer to:

  • Ilocano people
  • Ilokano language
  • Ilokano literature

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Ilocano People
... The Ilocano or Ilokano people are the third largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group ... Aside from being referred to as Ilocanos, from "i"-from, and "looc"-bay, they also refer to themselves as Samtoy, from the Ilocano phrase "sao mi ditoy", meaning 'our language here ... Today, the Ilocanos are the dominant ethnic group in northern Luzon, and their language (Ilocano) has become the lingua franca of the region, as Ilocano traders ...
Bagoong Terong
... Bagoong Terong or bagoong, and bugguong in the Ilocano language, is a common ingredient used in the Philippines and particularly in Northern Ilocano cuisine ... is used to make a fish stock, the base of many Ilocano dishes, such as pinakbet, dinengdeng, inabraw or as a dressing for cold steamed greens in the dish kinilnat (ensalada), like ferns ...
Cagayan (province) - Demographics
... The majority of people living in Cagayan are of Ilocano descent, mostly from migrants coming from the Ilocos Region ... throughout the area prior to the arrival of Ilocanos ... Aside from Ilocanos and Ibanags, Malauegs, Itawits, Gaddangs, groups of nomadic Aetas, as well as families of Ibatans who have assimilated into the Ibanag-Ilocano culture make Cagayan their home ...
Samahang Ilokano - Early Days and Conflicts
... Ilokano was originally founded in the late 1950s as a fraternity to unite Ilocano speaking students ... Ilocano speaking students from Northern Luzon provinces would pursue higher education in universities away from home and seek fellow Ilocanos for company and protection ... The Genuine Ilocano Gang (GIG) was formed as a group for SI members who were incarcerated, and soon accepted members from within the prison ...