Iberian Script

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Semi-syllabary - Iberian Semi-syllabaries
... The Paleohispanic semi-syllabaries are a family of scripts developed in the Iberian Peninsula at least from the 5th century BCE – possibly from the 7th ... In the syllabic portions of the scripts, each stop-consonant sign stood for a different combination of consonant and vowel, so that the written form of ga displayed no ... stops, so that ga stood for both /ga/ and /ka/, but one variant of the northeastern Iberian script, the older one according the archaeological contexts, distinguished ...
Iberian Language - Writing - Southeastern (or Meridional) Iberian Script
... The southeastern Iberian script is a semi-syllabary too, but it is more similar to the Tartessian script than to the northeastern Iberian script ... The southeastern Iberian inscriptions have been found mainly in the southeastern quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula eastern Andalusia, Murcia, Albacete, Alicante and Valencia ... This script is not completely deciphered ...

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