Hybrid Drive

A hybrid drive, hybrid hard drive (HHD), or hybrid hard disk drive (H-HDD) is a type of large-buffer computer hard disk drive. It is different from standard hard drives in that it integrates a cache using non-volatile memory or even a small solid-state drive (SSD or SSH drive). Although the cache typically uses non-volatile flash memory, some drives use battery-backed volatile RAM (a hybrid RAM disk). The flash memory buffer can speed up repeated reads to the same location; a RAM buffer speeds both reads and writes, but must be written to backup storage before power is lost.

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... SSHD can refer to Solid-state hard drive Hybrid drive - Solid State Hybrid Drive SSHD(solid state hybrid drive) refers to the combination of a solid state drives with hard drives ... SSHD drives combine the affordability of hard drives with the speed of solid state drives ...
Hybrid Drive - Hybrid RAM Disk
... The hybrid RAM disk uses a large buffer of volatile SDRAM memory with battery backup instead of flash memory to cache hard disk data during normal use ... If the RAM cache needs to be filled at start-up, hybrid RAM disks may not speed the start-up process as much as flash-based hybrid disks ... Hybrid RAM disks are claimed to offer significantly faster read-write speeds compared to standard hard disks ...

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